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The Last Days of American Crime Delivers the Goods

Review by Richard Serrao

Writer Rick Remender
Artist: Greg Tocchini
Publisher: Radical Comics
Price: 4.99 US

Mature readers

Originally, when I first heard about the premise for this miniseries, I was a bit skeptical, thinking that Remender was trying to jump on the crime resurgence bandwagon and that it was going to be a huge flop. I’d seen Greg Tocchini’s artwork on some comic over at Marvel but was never impressed with what he’d done. Still, though, I was willing to give the book a shot, but I’d definitely have to take a look at it first before I plunked down my hard-earned cash. A month or two before Book 1 was to be released, the owners of my comic store gave me their preview copy, as they knew how much of a fan I am of this genre of comics. Nothing had prepared me for what was inside that preview.

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last days of american crime cover 01 The Last Days of American Crime Book Delivers the Goods

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