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‘Time Bomb’ Features Explosive Storytelling

This week, the third and final issue of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s “Time Bomb” miniseries from Radical Comics was released.

“Time Bomb” is the sort of series that is full of awesomeness. It’s got time travel, doomsday weapons, Nazis, spies and hi-tech gadgets.

In present day Germany, a lost underground Nazi city is uncovered. Inside the city is Hitler’s ultimate weapon, the Omega Bomb.

As investigators and archeologists explore the city, the bomb is detonated and unleashes a virus that will wipe out mankind in a matter of days.

Now, as a last resort, a small group of specialists armed with state-of-the-art weapons uses an experimental time travel device to go back in time to stop the bomb from going off. The plan calls for them to go back 24 hours and stop the virus from being released by halting the investigators’ and archeologists’ exploration of the city.

Instead, group members find themselves 65 years back in time in a Nazi-controlled Berlin.

Now the group must find a way into the city to destroy it before the Nazis find and stop them or before they are transported back to the future.

Palmiotti and Gray write “Time Bomb” like a big-budget summer-action movie, only with a plot.

The pacing moves quickly with frequent action scenes, but the story is never forgotten. Each fight or action scene moves the story forward and is never gratuitous.

Art for the book is handled by Paul Gulacy with colors by Rain Beredo.

Many of Radical’s comics have been mostly digitally painted books, but for “Time Bomb” Gulacy’s art is more traditional pencil with Beredo coloring over the inked artwork.

I rarely mention colorists in my reviews but Beredo’s work really stands out. His colors really elevate the look of the book.

The writing team of Palmiotti and Gray is always impressive. Each time I read something new from them I become a bigger fan of their writing.

Radical Comics has one of the most diverse lines of comics and “Time Bomb” is one of their best.

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