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Radical Studios Featured in the New York Times

Excerpted from the article by Brooks Barnes

LOS ANGELES — Ask Barry Levine, an upstart movie producer and comic book publisher, what he is working on, and he will stare you in the eye and start peeling off his shirt. There, tattooed on his shoulder, is a large image of Hercules.
Jesse Berger, left, and Barry Levine repackage Radical’s sleekly illustrated comics as movie pitches. A handful of their projects are in progress.

Barry Levine began Radical in 2008 and it now has 72 publishing properties with more than 1,000 characters. The zombie comic “Driver for the Dead” is planned to be adapted into a film.
“My baby,” Mr. Levine says, rubbing his inked skin.

“Hercules: The Thracian Wars” is a movie project headed toward Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, but it is only one of Mr. Levine’s cinematic endeavors. In less than three years, his company, Radical Studios, has become a belle of the Hollywood ball, with movies set up at DreamWorks Studios, Walt Disney Pictures and New Regency Pictures, which is affiliated with 20th Century Fox. Scott Rudin, the Oscar-winning producer, is working with Radical to produce “Mata Hari,” the tale of a mysterious dancer and spy.

In recent months, Radical has also created a music division, started publishing games for mobile devices and expanded efforts to publish what it calls illustrated novels — elaborate comic books — in China.

Just who is this ostensibly radical guy?

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