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FVZA Featured on Infinite Speech’s Top 10 Comics of 2010

Excerpted from Infinitite Speech’s list of the top 10 comics of 2010

FVZA (Radical Publishing): I was forced to wait for the trade on this one only because as soon as the single issues hit the shelves of comic book stores it was gone with the quickness! Plus I got tired of feeling like I was missing out on something great by the way Decapitated Dan was raving about this series in various posts. This was the first series that I read from Radical and I assumed that a book that looks this good will probably fall flat when it came to the story. WRONG! David Hine made a believer out of me and the wait was well worth it to read the story straight through. A retired agent is brought back into the fold after a life time of training his grand children to defend themselves against the Vampires and Zombies that populate their world. Hines mixes in real world historical events and even throws in a family secret that I didn’t see coming and by the end of the book I was ready and waiting for a part two! So c’mon Radical when do we get another FVZA?!

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