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Radical’s Last Days Featured in Piki Geek’s List of 2010′s Best Comics

Posted by Ryan, Piki Geek

When I started to work on my list of books I needed to cover last week, I spoke with a friend about anything else I should check out. He said that, as a crime and sci-fi fan, I couldn’t overlook The Last Days of American Crime, a book I’d heard little about. The concept behind the comic is simple, yet interesting: A pulse is going to render everyone in America incapable of committing any crime, so a career criminal plans his last score. I’ve read Remender’s work on Fear Agent and loved it, so I figured I’d give the book a try. As it turns out, not only did I give it a read, I gave it a slot as one of my favorite books in 2010. I always pause before I use the word “gritty,” but believe me, this comic is a gritty gem.

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