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Abattoir #2 Features Incredible Storytelling, Says Reading with a Flight Ring

Review by Reading with a Flight Ring

Ok, so yes, Radical may be around two years old now but I would still like to give it Best New Publisher of the Year. The books I am reading transcend comics in general and can be said to be just plain incredible story telling. Plus, the art has been just mind blowing to behold and for me, this mini-series just continues to make me incredibly happy that I am a fan of comics.

I have to admit that I also loved to be creeped out and scared. I have this fascination with horror movies, novels and anything that will make me squirm. Mind you, there is a difference between true horror movies and slasher flicks and I am not a huge fan of the latter. I think it’s scarier not to see the blood sometimes and let my imagination carry me through. Hitchcock used to tell his stories that way and many a time the psychological is scarier than the seen. Just my opinion.

I don’t know where to begin with this six issue series. A man brutally massacres his family, a realtor Richard then has to sell the house. He is undergoing some stuff as his career and marriage are on the rocks, so this sale just heaps it on. Meanwhile, before the blood is even cleaned up a man offers to buy the house. Problem solved for Richard, right, nope, there is something about Jebediah Crone that he doesn’t like or trust and doesn’t want to sell him the house.

To make matters even worse, Richard suddenly finds himself a person of interest in a separate murder investigation. His boss, well, he wants him to sell Jebediah the house, and that’s what you missed so far.

Well, Richard comes home to find that they (he and his family) have company, one Jebediah Crone. This doesn’t make him happy, to put it mildly. There is one bit of dialogue here that kinda bothers me, before I go on. Richard refers to his daughter as Claire Bear and that shouldn’t be used, since it was all over Heroes and that show became awful. Okay, moving on now. So, instead of letting Jebediah stay for dinner, he kicks him out.

That night, the nightmares come. Though, honestly, I am not sure if they are even nightmares or memories at this point. When he wakes up, things go from bad to worse for poor Rich. Seems in the unrelated murder investigation, they found a tire iron, the murder weapon, with his prints on it. Now he’s up a creek for sure. So, suddenly, it’s a race against time to find the truth about Jebediah Crone while avoiding being arrested himself.

Had enough yet? No? Good, ’cause I have to say that this story so far is being told phenomenally, people. Rich has no idea what the hell is happening to his life, only that the shit has hit the fan, and he isn’t even sure if he’s sane at this point. Wow, I have to say this is the stuff that legends are made from.

Now, the creators here are a bit much, as Michael Peterson is credited with the concept. It’s created by Darren Lynn Bousman. Written by Rob Levin & Troy Peteri. Illustrated by Bing Cansino & Rodell Noora. Colouring by Andrei Pervukhin and Drazenka Kimpel. Sigh, what a list, right. Regardless who does what, I am just glad they are doing it. If I had to read this whole story in one sitting, I may actually have a nightmare – can’t wait for the trade now. The art is just incredible, as Crone looks creepy, like that guy in Phantasm, and he gives me the chills.

If you’re a fan of things that go bump in the night, then you’ll be a fan of this book.

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