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Don’t Miss Hotwire: Deep Cut #3

Review by Wayne Hall

Hotwire: Deep Cut #3 of 3. Boyoboyoboyoboy! I’m so glad this comic arrived in my store today!

Here’s the synopsis of this issue: “For detective-exorcist Alice Hotwire, waking in a jail cell is an unwelcome flashback to youth.

“With Bertus Rantz and his team of private contractor ghost-hunters out to win a permanent city contract by any means necessary, Alice must first escape to keep the job she hates, then compete with Rantz to capture a blue-light possessed robot and rescue the injured woman he has taken hostage.

“Can Alice outwit Rantz, who has little intention of bringing them in ‘alive,’ save the hostage, and return safely home to her boyfriend from hell?”

Written and drawn by Steve Pugh, this issue wraps up the current mini-series from Radical Publishing. I had the chance to interview Steve a few weeks back, and we talked about the book. You can still listen to my discussion with him at

This issue is the perfect conclusion to the mini-series. It was worth the wait! It’s packed with a fascinating story that has great twists and turns as well as excellent art. I did want to say that I thought this issue’s artwork did a particularly great job of conveying a sense of space, such as when Alice attacked a blue light and when she jumps out of a ship. (“Irony’s only funny when it happens to other people!” she says. I love that line!)

One of the things that makes this comic so special is the rendering of Alice’s face. Her big, expressive eyes combined with her pale complexion make her something special and unique among women in comics. She’s able to stand up with the big boys even though they may be a couple of feet taller than she is!

I really like Alice’s struggles to do her job and to make sense of her universe. Then, too, the relationship between Tom and Eva was so touching that I really wanted things to work out well for them. I was fascinated by the way that turned out.

I’m always intrigued by the strong sci-fi storylines. I love a great SF story, and Hotwire always delivers! The comic has just the right mix of plot and character, enough about the people and the science to keep me wanting more!

I’ve turned on several other comics fans to this book, and if you aren’t reading it, you should be! It’s a brilliant marriage of plot and art, and it will take you into a universe you’ve never been to before. Don’t miss it!

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Hotwire: Deep Cut 3

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