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Everyone Should Read Hotwire: Deep Cut #3

Sometimes stories are worth the wait; sometimes they are not. In this case, it was well worth it. Since I first discovered Steve Pugh, I’ve been a major fan of his, then once I saw Shark-Man, which was being done over at Image, I knew this man was someone I had to follow. His stylized art, simply put, is absolutely gorgeous, his writing is uniquely his own. Managing to blend, sci-fi, action/adventure, mystery and horror all into one book is no simple feat and somehow he manages to do it with apparent ease.

Alice, our heroine, who, well, is a very special girl, to say the least, isn’t without problems of her own, but she manages to do what she does best and save the day. See, Alice is a Metro Police Detective Exorcist, many years ago the dead stopped moving on and now their ghosts, or blue-lights, are sometimes running amok among the general populace. The richer neighborhoods, of course, have better protection, yet every now and then a threat emerges that the systems cannot handle. That is when Alice steps in and resolves the situation, not always to everyone’s liking.

Over a few mini-series now she’s managed to get a partner in Mobey. The two have formed not only a professional relationship, but an actual friendship as well. He balances out her brashness and impulsiveness rather well and two have formed a rather impressive team.

If you need to be caught up to speed, here we go, dead soldier Tom accidentally killed a girl; however, this girl Eva’s body hasn’t died yet, it remains in a vegetative state. See, Eva is pregnant and so far, the baby is surviving. Tom has always wanted to be a hero, yet things just don’t seem to work out that way for him, now he’s trying to get Eva to real medical help. Following him is an army of Blue-Lights seeking revenge of their own.

Bear Claw Security Solutions (not as good as the pastry, I assure you) is stepping in and trying to corner the market on dealing with Blue-Lights. They, however, are getting in Alice’s way during the current mission. See, Eva thinks Alice is an Angel sent to help her and, well, Bear Claw only seems to understand one thing: destroying.

Alice, as is predicted, wins; I mean, she is the star of the story, after all. As a result of this, Alice is granted the use of the Bear Claw troops for her use and a new direction of her lies ahead. One I cannot wait to see explored.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve tried to keep this review as vague as possible while trying to tell you how I felt about it at the same time. This truly is one of the best reads around and I urge you to try and find either as single issues or the upcoming trade. The writing truly is as good as the visuals and everyone should be putting this on their read lists.

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Hotwire: Deep Cut #3

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