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Hotwire: Deep Cut #3 is “Amazing”

Review by Steve Robles

Finally, I received a review copy of “Hotwire: Deep Cut” from Radical. I’m of the mind that I would never belong to a club that would have me as a member, so when someone sends something for review, I usually expect work that is subpar.

That being said (mostly to increase anticipation) Hotwire is amazing.

Looking at the stunning and beautiful artwork, I remembered that I had picked up a Hotwire book sometime last year and was dazzled by the artwork. As this was issue #3 (of 3) I didn’t expect to understand everything. Let me attempt to sum up: A futuristic Natalie Maynes from the Dixie Chicks fights the monsters from “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” with technology from “Avatar” and “Ghostbusters”. Sorry, I think best with comparison.

The story picks up with Alice Hotwire – Detective Exorcist (futuristic Natalie Maynes) trying to curb the enthusiasm of an invading horde of “blue lights” (ghosts) that are following a ghost in an exo-skeleton who is carrying a woman with a ghost head who is also pregnant.

In the meantime, she also has to deal with a “Blackwater” style private security firm with advanced weaponry, scheming team-mates, an untested proton pa- er… “soul-eater” weapon and her own mental well-being. It’s quite a ride.

Having not read the previous two issues, I can’t give a fair assessment of the story as a whole, but I sure would love to read those first bits of the story… ahem. In any case, the art by Steve Pugh (who also pretty much IS the rest of the creative staff, having written, illustrated, lettered and co-created the book) is absolutely mind blowing. It reminds me of Alex Ross at his most frenetic. The color palette is vibrant and the images of the “blue lights” are really exciting and dangerous-looking.

In short, pick up the first issues of this series (or wait for the trade) if you’re a fan of crazy action with a cute, crazy, “short-arsed” chick in the lead. Plus ghosts. Plus ‘splosions! Great work. I look forward to seeing the past and future adventures of Alice Hotwire.

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