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Hotwire: Deep Cut #3 is “Imaginative, Inventive, and Fun”

Review by Leroy Douresseaux

Hotwire: Deep Cut, the sequel to Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead, comes to an end. Deep Cut is written and drawn by Steve Pugh and released by Radical Publishing.

Hotwire takes place in a future where the dead return as blue-light ghosts. They feed off the electromagnetic waste of billions of wireless devices, but while most drift about harmless and witless, some can take more solid form and become very dangerous. Detective Exorcist Alice Hotwire, a character created by Pugh with Warren Ellis, battles those blue-lights and any persons or entities that would use them for nefarious purposes.

The latest Hotwire miniseries comes to an end in Hotwire: Deep Cut #3. Alice has to stop Thomas Epping, a dead soldier brought back by some exotic technology, before Epping and his ragtag army of blue lights enter the city. Alice and her partner, Detective Peter Mobey, have to save the day before Bertus Rantz, the boss of the private security firm, Bear Claw Security. Rantz and his mercenaries plan to use a proto-type “ghost-killer,” called Soul-Easter, which will make everything worse.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Hotwire: Deep Cut, I kept thinking that it could not maintain its exceptionally high, high quality even throughout its short three-issue run. Of course, it did. Imaginative, inventive, and fun, every exciting page of Deep Cut is a dazzling mix of exotic super tech and science fiction horror. One of the signs of a good comic book is that you immediately miss it as soon as you finish reading it, and I can’t wait for Alice Hotwire to return.


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Hotwire: Deep Cut #3

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