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Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead Earns an 8/10

Review by Karen Maeda


Radical Publishing


ISBN: 9780980233537
Writer: Steve Pugh
Penciler: Steve Pugh
Colorist: Steve Pugh
Cover Artist: Steve Pugh
Other Creators: Warren Ellis and Steven Pugh

Grade: 8

Welcome to the world where yet another Alice is out to save everything. I’m not sure why everyone has used that name since she fell down the rabbit hole and fought zombies, but hey, whatever works. This Alice is also a kickass heroine. She is on a police force that gives her no respect because they say she is hard to work with and elitist, and gets to fight blue-lights (the term for “ghost” in her world) who don’t give her any respect, either.

This book collects issues 1-4 of the Radical comic book series by Steven Pugh and Warren Ellis. The credit goes to Steven Pugh for art and writing duties. Ellis supplied ideas. The book also collects all of the covers and variant art as well as having a great interview with Steven Pugh at the end of it all.

Pugh’s art is great. It’s painted and amazingly detailed. It’s also bright which is a huge contrast from the majority of the titles that Radical Books publishes. His covers and story telling make him a rock star.

Hotwire is total win!

Volume Two of Hotwire is slated to come out May 17th. Gotta read this one first!

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