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Legends is “a Wonderfully Imaginative and Original Tale”

Review by “Martijn” at Mass Movement Magazine

Legends: The Enchanted – Nick Percival (Radical)

I like different. Different is good, and ‘Legends: The Enchanted’ is most definitely, and undeniably, different. Set in an alternate world where science and magic co-exist, Legends tells the story of ‘the Enchanted,’ the traditional inhabitants of nursery rhyme, fairy tales and folklore, who much like their world are vastly different from the gentle characters of children tales that we know and love. Blessed with instant healing and immortality thanks to magical charms, they make their way in the world by hunting criminals, killing monsters and generally embracing every violent job that no-one else can, or will, do, but when the Enchanted start dying in all kinds of horrible ways, those that are left alive (Jack the Giant Killer, Rapunzel, Hansel & Gretel, Red Hood, Goldilox and Bear) have to find out how they’re being killed and by who before they join their cold, dead kindred.

‘Legends’ is a wonderfully imaginative and original tale brought to life by the jaw-dropping beauty of the writer’s artwork, the stunning painted vistas that help to create the world and the incredibly realistic and vivid fusion of flesh, machinery and magic that bring that hero’s and villains, although which is which is often hard to ascertain as the line that separates good and evil becomes increasingly blurred as the story progresses and the true nature of the characters becomes apparent. That’s right kids, writer and artist are one and the same, a certain Mr. Nick Percival, whose name should be instantly recognisable, and if it’s not, well, maybe it’s time you found out who he is, and I can’t think of a better place to start than by entering the world of the Enchanted…

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