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Hollow Point Will Be “Radical’s Next Big Hit”

Review by “Lauren Mass Movement” at Mass Movement Magazine

Hollow Point – Ron L. Brinkerhoff and David Hine (Radical)

Ron L. Brinkerhoff enlists the help of astute writer David Hine (Spawn, X-Men and so many more) for this Radical premiere, Hollow Point.

This is an interesting spin on the well-told assassin story, though it is the written forward which reveals more about the plot than this sampler does. Even without prior knowledge of the lead character’s back-story, it’s obvious that this one is going to be a nail biter.

So this is how the story goes… a notorious assassin is offered a rare chance of redemption with “the dead as his employer,” though the interaction that brings him to this fate is yet to be unveiled.

The first real ‘target’ we see is a priest accused of awful crimes, and as the plot unfolds, it seems he is expecting to be assassinated, though not necessarily for the reason he is actually being punished.
The good versus evil morality card is played early on and it is gripping.

The poignant illustrations depicting expressions and settings in realistic detail and the dark colourings create a macabre mood, atmospheric to say the least.

The dialogue is tough, gritty, and the comic as a whole is very sharp, focused and slick, captivating from start to end.

I predict this will be Radical’s next big hit – it certainly deserves to be.

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Hollow Point

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