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Ryder 2 is “Just as Strong as the 1st Issue,” Says Sequential Tart

Review by Paige McKee


Radical Publishing


Writer: David Hine
Penciler: Wayne Nichols
Inker: n/a
Colorist: Feigian Chong & Sansan Saw
Letterer: Jimmy Betancourt
Cover Artist: Francesco Mattina
Grade: 8

Ryder on the Storm #2 is just as strong as the first issue. The monster fighter aptly named Monk tells Ryder about his origins. The backstory is handled quickly, and it’s one we’ve heard many times before. The orphan finds out that he actually is the last of his kind and was raised as a human but now is expected to choose between the life he knows and the power he can achieve. Luckily the backstory segment of the story is quick and to the point. We quickly move back into the action, bloody sex and mystery.

The story continues with its film noir feeling. The characters are strong, although Ryder at this point seems to be in flux. It’s not explained why he would even consider sex with Rebecca. He’s a very savvy detective and this seems a very sloppy way to get information. Especially considering he just found that Daemons bleed acid.

The art and coloring is perfect for the story. If you read it as if you were watching a 1950s black and white gumshoe movie, you will not be disappointed. Ryder on the Storm features many of the genre’s trademarks: a cynical private detective, multiple femme fatales, flashbacks with voiceover narration, and more shadows than a flashlight can fight. The twist at the end of the story made me grin with schadenfreude glee.

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Ryder #2

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