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Sequential Tart Gives Damaged #1 a 7/10

Review by Olwyn Supeene

Radical Publishing
Writer: David Lapham
Penciler: Dennis Calero
Inker: Dennis Calero
Colorist: Dennis Calero
Cover Artist: Alex Maleev
Other Creators: Michael Schwarz and John Schwarz
Grade: 7

Police Captain Lincoln is called in to investigate the slaughter of a mob boss and his men. The scope of the shooting points to multiple gunmen, but Lincoln recognises the pattern as belonging to one man — someone he once worked with, and who has been carrying out vigilante justice since his voluntary disappearance years ago. The captain’s view on the matter is strong, but the full extent of their history is only hinted at. The issue ends ambiguously.

The art is what really makes this comic work. It’s dark and gritty, fraught with low camera angles and selective close-ups. The feel is a cross between noir and horror, despite relatively low levels of bloodshed; shadows are sharp and lights are carefully and deliberately placed. Some of the page layouts are a little too artistic to be really intuitively readable, but they’re easy enough to figure out.

This is a solid first volume that presents more questions than answers. While the premise is somewhat cliche, the setup doesn’t seem completely predictable. I am interested to see what happens next.

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