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Time Bomb Vol. 1 is Superbly Produced

Excerpted from an article by Wayne Hall

‘Time Bomb’ trade paperback. This comic was a limited-series story (only five issues), and now has been collected into one volume.
Here’s the book’s description: “When a hidden city is discovered beneath Berlin, Hitler’s secret doomsday weapon – an Omega Bomb designed to wipe out the human race – is accidentally activated. Now, a team of specialists with state-of-the-art equipment and weaponry must travel back in time to stop the bomb from going off. However, they soon discover that they’ve been sent back, instead, back to the heart of Hitler’s Germany.”
Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray were the writers, and Paul Gulacy provided the art. They are some of the best creators in the industry, and they strut their stuff very powerfully in this action-packed story.
Radical always does a superb job of producing trades. Where other companies might either reduce the size of the pages or use less-than-top-quality paper or ink, this trade is reproduced lovingly, with glossy paper, sharp colors and easily read text. I only wish it were in hardcover!

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Time Bomb

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