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Abattoir #4 is “Refreshing”

Review by Joey Friday

Rich Ashwalt is running from the cops. He’s a realtor. When he sells a house to a mysterious, terrifying man, surprisingly, all is good. All that changes when Rich is framed for the murder of the mystery man. Now Rich must solve the case while avoiding the police. Either that or risk prison. Or murder.

The most gripping aspect is the art. It’s realistic. It’s detailed. It’s eye-catching. The detail on Rich’s face is freaky. I can almost feel his stubble. It’s quite intense. Even if I didn’t like the story, I’d have to admit the art is mesmerizing. When the story takes place at night, I feel the night. If the story takes place at dusk, I am there. It transports my physical setting into the story. I can feel the fire when Rich is hallucinating. The low number of word balloons is refreshing. Way too many comics are swamped with word balloons. They distract the art. The low number in this story gives the art space to breathe. Refreshing.

Now the storytelling was okay. As I said, it was low on word balloons. So that’s a plus, but this story seemed kind of filler. It would have done better to give Al Perry a smaller role. He doesn’t do much in this story. He seemed to distract the story somewhat.
Overall, I liked the comic. I’d say it’s worth seeing it through to the end. The art is great, but the story could use work. The team who put it together is on the ball. I just wish they could have been more on the ball, if you know what I mean.

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