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If You Love the Old West, Check Out EARP #2

Review by Holly von Winckel

Radical Publishing

Writer: M. Zachary Sherman, Matt Cirulnick
Penciler: Colin Lorimer
Inker: Colin Lorimer
Colorist: Kyushik Shin
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Cover Artist: Alex Maleev
Other Creators: Matt Cirulnick, David Manpearl

… There was action a-plenty. Earp: Saints for Sinners #2 maintains the grudge riddled gun-waving and sharp-talking badassery a name like Earp demands. The graphic style certainly sticks to the push / pull vibe of a Western. It’s got a peculiar graceless elegance about it, like a spittoon. For those who aren’t familiar, a spittoon is a specialized type of vase, traditionally made of polished brass or bronze, which allows a person to spit out tobacco indoors without spitting directly on the floor. A show of manners for a fundamentally crass action; perhaps contradictory, but effective and aesthetically pleasing.

EarpThose who are following the series already will surely need to pick up this new issue. It’s got the most beautiful woman Wyatt’s ever seen, Doc up to his usual tricks, and the Pinkertons starting some crap and possibly a fire. I suspect the Pinkerton firm has taken a view on the meaning of “security” that is at once self-servingly narrow and suspiciously dynamic. Those who like Westerns for the ambiance might find this take to be more like a foot in a glove than a hand in a glove, but if you love the Old West stories for the stories, and could do without all that dusty, leathery, smells-like-horse Old West business, check out Earp: Saints for Sinners.

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