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Nerd Society Highly Recommends After Dark

Review by “Mongoose” at

The last of the series, this is a good book. I have to admit that the first issue didn’t intrigue me that much. The artwork seemed too dark, the characters all looked the same, and the story was all over the place. But the third and final book cleaned everything up, the characters and the storytelling came together.

After Dark

They finally found the “angel” and now must convince her to return to the city to help its people. It’s hard to talk about this issue without spoiling anything. So, I will keep everything vague. The story really surprised me, and did not expect the ending. It is well-written and very easy to understand, unlike the first issue.

The artwork is also much better, it’s easier to understand, and the characters are easier to tell apart. The cover-art is amazing.

Overall, the storytelling is nice and smooth. Although, at times it felt a bit rushed. But that’s a minor complaint. I really enjoyed the “baby” character. He’s a baby with a huge brain, which makes him smarter than most grown men. He’s pretty creepy, and somewhat lovable at the same time.

I highly recommend this last issue.

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