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I Reads You Gives Saints for Sinners #3 an A-

Review by Leroy Douresseaux

Matt Cirulnick and David Manpearl have re-imagined classic Western hero,Wyatt Earp in Earp: Saints for Sinners. Published by Radical Comics, it is a four-issue miniseries.

Earp: Saints for Sinners is set in a near future after an event called “Black Thirty” sets off a second Great Depression. Out of the chaos rose a new type of bank robber, and Wyatt Earp was the man who brought them in to justice or shot down the ones he didn’t bring in. Earp collared more most-wanted men than anyone in history, but after a violent assignment claimed the life of his brother, Virgil Earp, Wyatt became a businessman. He opened A.O.K. Saloon in the only boomtown left in America, Las Vegas.

As Earp: Saints for Sinners #3 opens, tensions rise between John Flynn, billionaire owner of the Flynn Casino, and Wyatt – all over a woman. Josephine, a gorgeous lounge singer at Flynn Casino, ran to Wyatt for safety after Flynn tried to rape her. EarpWith Allan Pinkerton and his private security group, the Pinkertons, at his side, Flynn tries to bully Wyatt and his pal, Doc Holliday. Meanwhile, Wyatt’s younger brother, Morgan Earp, makes a dangerous move on his own.

It has taken three issues, but Earp: Saints for Sinners comes into its own as a kind of science fiction, action, and crime comic book. The flashbacks settle in with the sustained narrative, so this colorful mismatch of Michael Mann urban action and John Ford Western starts to deliver better character drama. The brassy colors over Colin Lorimer’s art are perfect for this series’ flashy setting, and it makes the violence look real purty and perfect for this story.


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