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Old West as a John Woo Film… Read EARP #3

Review by Holly von Winckel

Setting aside the fact that all the characters have infamous historical namesakes which remind me inevitably of stories out of the American Old West, this issue of Earp was kinda fun. The unfairness of it all is really hammered home in Saints for Sinners #3 — the best victory Wyatt could hope for now is Pyrrhic, and it becomes increasingly difficult to believe he could still hope for victory. Flynn, on the other hand, is fairly nihilist about things, and therefore has the substantial advantage of not giving a care who gets hurt. When I said this issue was fun, I meant in the sense of out-of-control storylines, by the way, not that death and mayhem are my personal idea of a good time. I just want to be clear on that point.

The cover art this time is a real eye-catcher: It is a flat whitewash that has been scraped away to reveal sex and violence and a challenging stare-down for the viewer. Inside, the story starts with the raging AOK fire we last saw in #2, and then cuts to a flashback to some events leading up to that fire. Although the intense action scene with the robbery was cut together interestingly with Wyatt and Josephine’s big sex scene, I had to read through it a few times to decide whether I could buy into the robbery or not. The sex was clear enough: that was cribbed straight from a porno, or maybe a magazine. But the robbery was a little bit much to buy into.

To start with, walking in on the hideout of someone who is supposed to be your family’s enemy and joining his heist is a bit dubious. I’ll take that, because Jesse is a wild card character, and Morgan’s a loose cannon. But then putting that new guy in a completely central role seems unlikely. The new guy shoots the helicopter pilot in the eye, from the ground, under fire — incredible shot! I’ll take that grudgingly, too, since this is a comic, and comics are generally fantasy, and in the fantasy world, evil masterminds might not think to put bulletproof windows in the tactical chopper. But the billion dollars in cash is where I really had to draw the line. The money is for a lottery game that Flynn’s set up. A winner-takes-all, billion-dollar jackpot …paid in cash, apparently. So I guess the first truck in the convoy was half for the IRS and the second truck was the winner’s take-home scratch.

Earp #3

Anyway, since I was feeling very critical after that little bit of nonsense, I also noticed that the thugs were told to bury Morgan’s body in the dessert, but what they actually did was hang it from a lamppost in front of the burned-out A.O.K. casino. Yeah, I turned back to the beginning to see that Alan Pinkerton instructed a henchman to go get Morgan’s body in order to leave a strong message for Earp. No big deal, and it makes sense now, but while I was turning back, I got to thinking about Josephine’s role in all this. Frankly, she is the cause of a lot of trouble for a lot of people. Not such a great deal for those people.

So here we are, almost at the end of the line; the next issue is the last in this miniseries. Currently, Flynn holds all the cards, Earp’s whole life is slipping between his fingers like a handful of hot lava, and I am starting to wonder if Las Vegas even has a fire department. The A.O.K. was definitely not up to code, to burn like that. There is a whole lot for Earp: Saints for Sinners #4 to wrap up. This issue is fairly representative of the series, so if you read others, read this one. If you always wanted to know how the Old West would be if it were more like a John Woo film, Earp: Saints for Sinners is your baby.

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