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If You Like Demons, Check Out Ryder on the Storm

Review by Sheena McNeil

Katrina confronts Ryder with a gun. After a not-so-simple explanation of things, we jump to a scene where Ryder’s mom is in bed with two of his brothers. Nothing graphic is going on (it’s the “after image”), and the cuts, blood and incest definitely give me a better understanding of these Daemons. There’s a hunt on for the Queen, and Ryder and Katrina get caught up in it and are forced to confront Rebecca, Ryder’s mother. While the Queen needs to be destroyed, there appears to be a trade-off with Katrina’s condition….

I was initially going to pass this review copy on to someone else, but I made the mistake of actually opening it and flipping through. Before I realized it, I was deeply engrossed. I had to make myself go back and read the “story thus far” thing at the beginning as I hurried through the first few pages to get to the good, bloody, demon content. I couldn’t put it down till I had read the whole thing.

Am I surprised by the end? No. However, it’s a fairly classic twist and it’s well done.

I like the way Rebecca handles things when she realizes Katrina is pregnant, and I also like the way Katrina’s body reacts to having a Daemon fetus. I’m definitely curious as to what will happen next.

The art is really good. I don’t care for the Daemon’s true forms. The face is scary enough, but the rest of them is still too human. Maybe it’s the hair that makes it weird. I absolutely love the way the humans (or human-form Daemons) look. There’s a realism with superb expressions. The coloring really supports all of this well. The Queen is gross. I know she’s supposed to be — kind of like the Queen in Alien — but I don’t see much of a connection to the other Daemons. However, the green blood stuff is an excellent touch.

If you like stories about demons trying to take over our world and / or demons in human form, check out Ryder on the Storm.

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