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Jake the Dreaming “Brilliant and Original”

Review posted by TrailerParkMafiaVids at Buckwilds Comic Blog

Jake the Dreaming tells the story of Jake, a ten-year-old boy with a chronic habit of daydreaming. Constantly drifting off in class, at home, and even during Little League, Jake has become the outcast of the fourth grade. All that changes, however, when Jake dreams of saving a neighbor’s son from a monster and, to his shock, the boy thanks him for it the next day. Soon after, Jake learns that he is his generation’s “Dreaming”—the chosen one with the ability to enter others’ dreams and save their souls from an evil creature known only as Nocturnus. Now, in order to fulfill his new role and protect the world as he knows it, Jake must master the ways of the Dreaming World and defeat Nocturnus before he gains enough power to put the Waking World to sleep forever.


Radical is pushing the envelope with a revolutionary new format; mixing the classic novel with spectacular, full-color illustrations. This isn’t your Dad’s same old comic book here people. On Free Comic Book Day 2011, Radical will be releasing a sneak peek of their upcoming illustrated novel. December of 2011 the first full-length issues will be released, and I can’t wait to see them. The overview you get from this comic gets you jacked up for the future of Jake the Dreaming. There isn’t much you can’t find interesting about this book. The art is unbelievable. The writing is captivating. The plot is brilliant and original.

Andrew Jones makes the most of the double page painted looking works of art. His work looks like a new age Salvador Dali on steroids. These pieces could easily stand alone. I’ve already saved the few images from the preview of this comic as my desktop picture at work and screen saver. So I literally look at them all day. How’s that for admiration. The art and storyline have a dark theme and he creates that tone well with the images. It’s creative enough for adults but you can tell its young adult audience is going to truly enjoy searching the pictures for all the fine details. It’s like Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and Where the Wild Things Are took acid, had a baby, and called it Jake the Dreaming.

Adam Freeman and Marc Benardin must be the male equivalent of J.K. Rowling. The plot is so mind bending and original that you could just sit and read this story for hours. They do a great job of lending voice to the characters and I found myself relating to them almost immediately. Jake and his little sister Ella come off as likeable but believable. Ella is super brainy and the dialogue between her and day dreamy Jake is witty banter. The most impressive part of the writing is they manage to tie all the day dreams into reality; creating suspense and intrigue.

Everything is really well done, hats off to the crew at Radical for putting this one together. From the fake paper clips on the pages that make the book look like you’re reading out of Jakes note pad, to the pages that are mixed art and writing. If this is just a glimpse of what the full length illustrated novel is going to be, they’ve got a hit on their hands. That’s guaranteed. Adults and kids are going to love this thing. In a time where a young adult novel for boys is almost nonexistent, I think the brains over at Radical have found the formula to get them turning the pages.

This is another great reason to get out and brave the crowds on FCBD this year. I will be eagerly awaiting the release of the full length issues. Bag and board this baby!

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