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Abattoir #5 is High-Quality, Creepy Fun

Review by “Reading with a Flight Ring”

I’m telling ya something, folks, this is some good creepy fun right here. There are many people to thank for it. Created by Darren Lynn Bousman, concept by Michael Peterson, written by Rob Levin & Troy Peteri, phew, that’s a few people to be involved in one comic, I suppose. Regardless, this is weird, supernatural, creepy, intelligent and just a darn good read.

After Richard left his buddy Detective Al Sperry and went off on his own, Al woke up and went back to the office. What should happen, though, in the town newspaper, however, is that the story has been leaked to the press about Richard’s guilt. Al doesn’t believe his friend is guilty, but is having a hell of a time trying to find the proof needed to clear Richard. Well, after yelling to the guy at the front desk about the paper, he goes to his office, where he has a strange visitor. Turns out this guy in Al’s office used to be one of Crone’s followers. We finally get a look into the life of Jebediah Crone and how he gained so much power. See, he was a preacher of sorts of a hedonistic life style, and one day, he pushed it too far and most of his followers left. Those that did, he made life hell for; those that didn’t leave gained in power.

Now, this has to have some demonic force kind of thing behind it but we as readers don’t know that other than the supernatural aspect already shown. Crone, as I’ve reported in previous reviews, has been around since the 1800s and for this [...], he can’t be human.

Richard, in the meantime, is stumbling around the woods, where he bumps into his pal, Patrick. You remember, he shot the old guy at his house for talking to Richard a few issues ago. Well, together they get to Crone’s house and Richard makes Patrick go in with him. Here, it’s revealed that Patrick is a liar and in league with Crone, so Richard does what he has to and shoots him through the head.

While in the house, Richard is having visions galore as he sees his father, yes, his dead father, who then proceeds to tell him to buck up and makes him watch as he shoots himself like he did all that time ago. Seriously creepy, I mean, wow.

Well, it isn’t until the last page that Crone shows up, and while he’s enjoyed playing this little game with Richard, it’s time the game came to an end. Next issue is the final installment and, I have to be honest, I cannot wait.

So much is going on here that I’ve skimmed over, mainly because, well, you need to experience this for yourself. Hugo Petrus, Troy Peteri, Andrei Pervukhin and Drazenka Kimpel go above and beyond the call of duty here bringing this to life. I mean, the mood they set to go along with the words is astonishing. I get a feeling of such anticipation looking at the art that it’s almost eerie.

This would make one hell of a horror movie. I love this series and I certainly hope that this crew somehow manages to make more comics in the future that are just as high quality.

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