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Earp #4 is Series’ Best

Review by Buckwilds

Radical Publishing release- Earp: Saints For Sinners #4 is the final issue in the miniseries based on the classic western hero Wyatt Earp. Set in the future, this urban fantasy-meets-Western really knows how to deliver the action. Tons of explosions, fires, and gunfights make this the best issue in the series. The illustrations and coloring are exactly what you have grown to love and expect from Radical Publishing.

The Earp brothers head out West to run the A-OK Hotel in Las Vegas. Art imitates life as the United States is in the midst of a horrible economic depression. Jesse James plays [an] odd kind of anti-hero character that joins with Wyatt Earp and his pal Doc Holliday to avenge the death of Wyatt’s brother, Morgan Earp. Morgan’s dramatic death at the hands of the Pinkertons leads Wyatt to deputize the entire James Gang. They race through the desert to settle the score at the Pinkterton compound in a Old West-style final showdown. As well as avenge his brother’s death, Wyatt needs to rescue the heroine in this story, a stunning Miss Josie Marcus.

If you’re a fan of Western-style action stories, you are going to love this final issue. The writing is very well done and the art is top notch. If you haven’t already read the first three issues, I suggest going out and buying the entire series! Buy, read, bag, board!

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