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Damaged #1 An A+

Review by “Mongoose”

Damaged is a story of vengeance. A story of making the bad guys pay. A story of a man who doesn’t have much faith in the justice system. It’s about vigilante justice, and the consequences that comes with it. It’s a story of Henry and Frank, the two are brothers but are on different sides of the law.

Damaged is very well written. The dialogues are short, but it works very well with the way the storyline is presented. I enjoy comics that [don't] require massive readings to get the story across. The book is cut to the point, and very engaging from the get go. We know exactly what’s going [on] because the art is great. The details and the facial expressions are superb. The way the artist sets the tone is amazing. It almost felt like I was watching a Tony Scott film. The [grittiness] of the scenes and the dialogues [remind] me of action flicks like Man of Fire.

This is a good first book. A lot of action and a lot of great art to look at. I highly recommend it!

Grade: A+

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