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Damaged #1 Could Be A Keeper

Review by Rob Siebert (Editor, Fanboy Wonder)

If Damaged was a dude playing his guitar in a coffee shop somewhere, he’d be playing a very familiar tune, but adding a few of his own subtle tweaks to it. At first you’d want to balk at him for ripping the song off, but he’s actually doing a pretty good job, so you let him have it.

The book is about two brothers, Frank and Henry Lincoln. Frank has been a cop for over three decades, and is the head of a California task force against organized crime. That is, until he’s replaced by the younger Jack Cassidy. The duo investigate a brutal massacre at a bar in Oklahoma, in which over 20 people with ties to the Russian mob were shot and killed. Frank knows the perpetrator is Henry, a former cop turned vigilante. He keeps this a secret from Jack and the rest of the police department. Now, Frank must try and stop his brother from spilling more blood.

Interestingly enough, Sam Worthington (Avatar, Terminator: Salvation, Clash of the Titans) serves as an “executive producer” on this book. I can’t recall ever seeing an executive producer credit on a comic before. In any event, he’s attached to the title, as he owns Full Clip Productions. But Michael and John Schwarz are credited as creators, while Lapham and Manco handle the actual content.

Damaged seems to inspired by a lot of different crime drama/noir sources. The Punisher seems like an obvious source of inspiration for the Henry character, and you can take your pick of the various aging cop dramas out there. But aside from the fact that we see so much of this sort of thing, there’s not much I can fault the issue for, as it’s done very well. We haven’t spent a lot of time with the characters, but I already feel like I have a very general sense of who they are. Manco’s art is fantastic. I love the detail he puts into every panel, especially when it comes to the age in the characters faces. The colors also do a lovely job of creating that grim, noir-type feel.

This title is definitely worth a second look. If it finds a way to keep things fresh and not be too reminiscent of other stories, it could be a keeper.

Click the image below to go to this article at Primary Ignition. Click here to learn more about Damaged #1, now available.


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