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Damaged #1 Is A Thrilling Crime Story

Review by David Leblanc

This is an advanced copy review. DAMAGED will be featured at the San Diego Comic Con and released the first week of August. It is the story of two brothers, Frank and Henry Lincoln, whose lives diverged after a violent event in their past put them on different paths. Frank is a distinguished veteran of the San Francisco P.D., having risen to the rank of Captain in charge of the Special Task Force on Organized Crime. His brother Henry was also a cop but turned to a life of a vigilante, enforcing justice in a way the police can’t or won’t.

The opening scene shows us just how Henry operates as he visits a bar in Oklahoma to take care of some violent rapists and their friends who alibi them. Four weeks later, we watch a meeting in San Francisco being held by the Mayor and the police Commander with a Lieutenant Jack Cassidy. They are forcing Frank Lincoln to retire and want Cassidy to take his place. Whether it is justified or just a political plan, they claim it is a move to show the citizens they are serious about fighting organized crime and Frank has let discipline and morale slip in his unit. One incident by a subordinate recently is the excuse they needed to force him out. With three weeks left on the job, Frank seems resigned to let it lay and go out quietly, but a mass killing of a big crime family changes all that. While Frank agrees to work with Cassidy, he purposely points him toward a false lead about multiple shooters, probably the Chinese, despite what the sole survivor tells them. Frank actually believes the eyewitness because his examination of the scene gives him the realization of who is actually behind it all.

Lapham has set up the story nicely with enough characterization on the major characters to get on with the major plot. Clearly Frank and Henry are at odds on the meaning of justice. Now at the end of his career Frank seems determined to stop something he failed to do decades ago. It is a good set up and is about to explode into more. The art is very detailed with some of the coloring a bit muted – not a bad thing considering the amount of gore in some scenes. This will be a thrilling crime story that fans of the genre and Lapham won’t want to miss. Look for it [in] August.

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