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Dead Awesome Interview with Michael Schwarz, Pt. 2

Article by Lauren Pon


We started you off on Wednesday with the first part of our interview with Full Clip Productions’ Michael Schwarz, but there was plenty more to be said! If you need a refresher, you can find part one of the interview by clicking here.

After the jump, Schwarz tells us about Full Clip’s influences, idols, and exciting plans ahead.

You said that you were all into comics. What did you see in comics growing up that drew you in and how are you putting that into the work for Full Clip?

I started reading comics back when I was first able to read and my brother, who’s seven years older than me, was really into Batman in a big way. I guess it was a transference [from] him. I took it a little bit further as I grew up. He’s always remained a comic book fan, but I always liked it as a storytelling medium in that you can get a lot done in comics that you just can’t get done in film and television. You can get away with a lot more. There’s something about long form storytelling that I really, really enjoy.

I look at something like Preacher as a favorite example. It’s how much the characters change over all of the issues. You look at where the characters are at the start and where they are at the end and you can’t get that in a film. You can possibly get it in a film trilogy, but it’s still hard. You can get it in TV shows when it’s done right, but there are just so many cooks in the kitchen with a TV show that it’s so easy for it to go astray during the fifth year or whatever it is. With comics, it’s just down to a few core people. You can really just keep a great character arc going for so long and there’s something powerful about that.

A lot of comics can go on for years, and it’s just stuff happening to a person. You guys are really working on a slow progression. Growing up, was there anything that really stuck out, elements that you wanted to bring into the work now?

I always grew up the fan of characters with a moral center. Even if it’s not the moral center that I would necessarily agree with, as long as there’s a growing one. All three of us are big fans of the Punisher over the years, Batman as well. I guess that’s the main thing we wanted to bring to the table. The other thing that I always wanted to personally bring to the table was to take those ideas that have always been in comics, like vigilantism, and flip

[them] on [their heads] and look at [them] from almost a real world perspective. What are the consequences of actually engaging in this sort of behavior? We always accept that it’s okay to kill a bad guy, and I’m not saying that it is okay or isn’t, but if you are actually going to step outside the law and do this, what are the actual consequences? And that’s sort of what’s interesting me right now, and that flows into Patrios as well. Those are the kind of things that interest me and that I’ve brought from my years of comic book reading.

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