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IGN Features Damaged #1

Excerpt from an article by Erik Norris and Jesse Schedeen

Writer: David Lapham | Artist: Leonardo Manco
Publisher: Radical | Price: $3.99

What It Is: David Lapham’s newest crime series is about two characters who happen to be cops and brothers. One maintains the fight for law and order, while the other becomes a murderous vigilante. Damaged is about the final confrontation of these brothers at the end of their careers.

Why We’re Excited: David Lapham and Leonardo Manco both know how to weave compelling crime tales, so we’re excited to see them together on the same book. The premise is solid, and we can usually count on Radical to deliver something a little different from the rest of the crowd. Early reviews suggest this will be one book well worth spending your 4 on this week.

Click here to go to the full article at or click the image below to learn more about Damaged #1, out August 17.

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