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The Comic Speculator Features Damaged #1

Article by Matt Baum

Solicitation: After brutally massacring a criminal ring traditional lawmen have failed to stop, the lives of two policemen, brothers Frank and Henry Lincoln, are forced to diverge. Torn by conflicting reactions to the event, one brother, Frank, chooses to uphold justice through the law; the other sets out on a shady path to enforce the sort of justice the law cannot stomach. Thirty-five years later, Frank Lincoln, now a veteran of the San Francisco PD and about to retire, takes his final case, investigating a string of vigilante killings that stir memories of his long-estranged brother. Meanwhile, Henry, too, approaches retirement, as he finds himself becoming too old to continue his violent lifestyle. With the ends of both brothers’ careers approaching, each attempts to train his replacement, hoping to remake his protégé in his own image; however, the world around them has changed in ways neither could have foreseen, leaving them utterly unprepared for the true lawlessness and corruption they will soon be forced to face.

32 pages, $3.99, JUN111220

Why it’ll go fast: I’ve picked up a few Radical titles to read and review for my podcast and have been pleasantly surprised by all of them. The blockbuster-movie-production feel to the titles is a bit ridiculous— Sam Worthington of Avatar fame is listed as the “Executive Producer” for this series—but the quality is hard to argue with. As of late, Radical seems to be steering toward the crime/action genre and its titles definitely read like storyboards for the next Hollywood-action-flick, but they’re well-written, well-drawn and worth the price of admission. Seasoned crime/noir/comics veteran David Lapham is writing Damaged and should be perfectly at home with the story. Since publishing Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini’s The Last Days of American Crime, which has been optioned for a movie starring Sam Worthington, Radical has been getting serious and well-deserved attention from fans. I don’t expect Damaged to sell out right away, but the buzz behind the title should push it into a sell-out when the re-orders come in. All of Radical’s crime titles are being scooped up by movie and TV studios very quickly and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Damaged go next. It’s hard not to picture Bruce Willis playing the main character.

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