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The Gosh! Authority Features Damaged

Excerpted from an article at The Gosh! Authority

In comics, there’s a new six-issue mini-series from the increasingly ubiquitous David Lapham (Stray Bullets) called Damaged. “The story is just as much about how [the lead character, Henry] is damaged and has to deal with that… And in that way, there’s a strong tone of seventies films like Death Wish and Dirty Harry. I remember growing up, there was a strong conservative sense from my father’s generation of tough guys and John Wayne types. “Walking Tall” and Bernard Goetz. The sense that sometimes a man just needs to take matters into his own hands and that’s okay as long as you’re in the right. This is comics, so the Punisher’s a strong reference point, but there’s a lot I know I’m bringing to the table here. But yes, if you think the Punisher is cool and badass, I think if you just read the opening sequence in issue #1 you’ll find that Henry more than satisfies.” More at Ain’t It Cool, a preview at Omnicomic, and two reviews are in already: One. Two.

Click here to go to the full article at or click the image below to learn more about Damaged. Damaged #1 hits shelves on August 17.



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