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Damaged #1 is “Top Notch”

Review by Ralph Mathieu

A few weeks ago, Radical Comics released another top notch title in their small line of quality titles, Damaged, written by David Lapham, illustrated with the hard boiled / horror edge that Leonardo Manco excels at, and beautifully colored by Kinsun Loh, Jerry Choo, and Sansan Saw. Anyone who has read a Radical Comics title, such as Driver for the Dead, Abattoir, Time Bomb, Earp, or Legends, already know that they are going to get a comic/graphic novel with top notch production values. Radical Comics aren’t just all style, though, their titles also [have] great story content and I believe their high success rate of quality titles, such as Damaged, is due to their commitment to not just produce numerous titles to carve out a market share, rather focusing on quality over quantity.

Damaged is a hard boiled crime fiction comic (a six issue mini series) set primarily in San Francisco, involving vigilante justice and the outcome of diverging path of life choices that were made between two brothers (one of them is a police officer). Anyone who has read Damaged writer David Lapham’s Stray Bullets knows that he can write a crime fiction comic with the best of them and I look forward to seeing how Damaged unfolds and I think many other Ich Liebe Comics! readers will also! Check out Damaged the next time you visit Alternate Reality Comics!

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