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Damaged #2 Shows Incredible Promise

Review by Lauren Pon


Damaged from Full Clip Productions shows incredible promise, and I already raved about the first issue plenty. The series has been exceptional not only in its artwork, but its take on vigilantism, characters, and promise of a developed storyline. Now, with the second issue of Damaged out on stands as of yesterday, the trend is continuing.

Where the first issue introduced Frank and Henry, this month’s flips between 1975 and present day, giving us a sense of the history between the brothers. It also sheds some light on what Frank has been up to – where he’s been and what he’s thinking. The first issue was hardly a slouch as far as action, and the same can be said of #2. Writer David Lapham is crafting this story with a mixture of subtlety and dynamic action that make me ready to read the next issue before I’ve even put the last one down. The character development has been gradual enough that it doesn’t feel fabricated, yet telling enough to form interesting characters over the course of a mere six issues.

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