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Damaged Delivers the Goods

Review by Paul J.

If you aren’t readingĀ Damaged, the Radical book by David Lapham & Leonardo Manco, you hate comics with a seething, deadly passion and I feel for you, dearly.

Anti-hero meets buddy movie meets Rambo, Damaged delivers all the goods.

No spoilers, so here goes:

Aging detective Frank Lincoln is on the outs with the city big wigs. He’s old, one of his cops may or may not have an ethics problem regarding the Russian mob and he hasn’t delivered in a while. With an election coming, that usually means one thing for the old horses…time to retire or be forced out. The mayor and his people have their ducks lined up and a new shiny little bauble… literally: Lieutenant Jack Cassidy, a young go-getter hand picked by the powers that be to move into the leading position of Lincoln’s task force. The task force which currently seems to be unable to bring a massive breakout of violence to an end. Elected officials don’t really care about that, unless it’s re-election time. It seems gangs are breaking out in all directions taking each other out with viscous and predatory brutality. All the big brains can’t figure it out.

An entire house with an army of gangsters inside is burned to the ground… everyone inside shot dead. Jack points out that an army of shooters must have been there. Casings everywhere, bullet holes all over the place, multiple casualties… this had to be a war. Frank walks into the door and knows exactly what he’s looking at. No, he’s not crooked and involved with the mobsters… Frank has a brother.

Meet Henry Lincoln:
Henry’s not your typical cop. In fact, despite the permanency of a badge upon his chest, Henry’s not a cop at all.

Anyway, one person got out of the massacre alive and is in the hospital. Frank and Jack pay him a visit where he sings about an arms shipment coming in that very night.

Knowing Henry’s in town and knowing how Henry does business, Frank knows he’s one step ahead. Frank sends Jack on a little treasure hunt while he waits for the inevitable down at the waterfront.

A tugboat approaches and Frank stares out of the front of his windshield. As it gets closer he gets out, opens his trunk and puts on his body armor, loads his shotgun and waits…

Like I said, no spoilers.

That was just issue 1!

Click the cover image to go to this article at or click here to learn more about Damaged.

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