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Damaged is “Thoroughly Excellent”

Review by “Horatio Hornblower” at

Good googlie-mooglie! Sure, I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but squeeze in and make room. Radical Publishing‘s Damaged is the real deal. David Lapham’s new vigilante/anti-hero Frank Lincoln’s got enough swagger (and firepower) to make Frank Castle and Charles Bronson both run for cover. The artwork by Leonardo Manco, with colors by Kinsun Loh, Jerry Choo & Sansan Saw is impeccable. This quartet which delivers consistently amazing, fully painted illustrated books is quickly becoming one of my favorite group of artists. It’s near the point where I can say if they’re on it, just buy it.

The collaboration between Lapham and the art team is something other writer/artist tandems should take notice of. Neither overwhelms the other. The art doesn’t merely set the stage for words. Nor does Lapham feel the need to cover the lush panels with pedantic narration and dialogue.

Damaged just breathes beautifully with true to life characters that depict believable emotions both in dialogue and in appearance. If it was just a picture book without words it would be fantastic. Likewise, if the images were stripped out and only Lapham’s narration and dialogue remained, it would be a great read.

Yes, late to the bandwagon but glad to be on board. To date, Damaged is two issues down and four to go with issue #3 dropping Oct. 19th. If you happen to be a late-comer, like myself, this gives you plenty of time to get caught up on a thoroughly excellent limited series. Highly recommended.

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2 Responses to Damaged is “Thoroughly Excellent”

  1. Kaycoville says:

    I have reading about damaged and other ones, where do you buy them, I have seen videos love them,
    A fan lol

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