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Driver for the Dead “Should Not Be Missed”

Review by “Suepafly”at Something to Muse About

Driver for the Dead is a fast paced, rip roaring joy ride where the story is just as phenomenal as the art. Alabaster Graves is, well, the driver for the dead in the magic hoodun filled New Orleans, but the dead that he drives aren’t just regular joes.

He’s a lot like Jason Statham’s character, Frank, in The Transporter, but far more bad ass. Let’s face it, Frank would have wet his britches with half the stuff that Alabaster handles without batting an eyelash.

When the legendary Mose Freeman dies suddenly, Alabaster Graves is called to transport is body to [the] Freeman family crypt. Many want their hands on the body, [whether] for the prestige, power or both, and to make matters worse, Mose’s granddaughter, who doesn’t believe the stories of her great grandfather’s power, is along for the ride. Protecting both may just be more than one man can handle.

The backstory is great, and the way that it unfolds slowly without dragging is absolutely amazing, many other comics in the genre should take notes. John Heffernan writes a wonderful story that is not only interesting, but extremely satisfying. Leonardo Manco’s artwork makes the story leap off the page, and is so realistic that it is very much like watching a movie. Radical could not have found a better series. It has my highest of recommendations and should not be missed.

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