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Random’s World Weighs in on Damaged #3

Review by “Random” at Random’s World

We have reached the halfway point of this six part series, and this one is more of a whisper than a bang. This issue doesn’t carry the excitement that the previous two issues had. But being that this is only the halfway mark, I’m sure that’ll change.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with this issue. The dialogue is solid, the story is conveyed in a clear fashion. Most of the issue is told in flashbacks and focuses on the characters’ pasts. Most of the flashbacks are those of Isaac Lordsman. We finally get to see what this mysterious character ticks. We understand why the man did what he did, why he is important to Henry, and why he is important to this story. What we don’t get to see is what Henry’s grand master plan is. At least, I assume there has to be a grand plan. Finding a replacement vigilante is too simple of a story. Too boring. And with three issues left, something big has to be going down.


The art in this book, as with the previous two, is fantastic. The artists do beautiful work with lighting. Every character and every object has the right lighting applied to it. Attention is applied to every detail. The backgrounds have every bit of detail that the foreground characters have. All of this helps create a believable world. There is one panel in particular where everything comes together perfectly and demonstrates the care these artists are taking with the book. Young Isaac is on the ground, watching Alice in Wonderland. He is surrounded by his own toys and his drunken dad’s empty beer cans while his dad argues with his mom. Here, present Isaac narrates and makes mention of the Cheshire Cat and a liquor store. You see every wrinkle in the clothes, furniture, and drapes. Just plain fantastic work.

Despite the lackluster storytelling in this one, I’m still looking forward to the next. I want to see what becomes of Frank and Henry with their struggle. We see how Henry is dealing with his mortality, now we have to wait and see if Frank does anything to deal with his.

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