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The Outhousers Feature Damaged #3

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Radical and Full Clip’s crime series by David Lapham and Leonardo Manco continues.

Greetings, Radical Fans!

Radical Publishing and Full Clip Productions’ new crime series reaches its halfway point this October 19 in Damaged #3.

Damaged is produced by Sam Worthington (Avatar), created by John and Michael Schwarz, illustrated by Leonardo Manco and written by Eisner Award-winner David Lapham.

In the wake of a policeman’s implication in the murder of a Russian mafia boss, long-estranged brothers Frank and Henry Lincoln find themselves strangely reunited. In the midst of the investigation, Frank, a veteran of the SFPD, struggles to protect his vigilante brother and the city by the bay; meanwhile, Henry takes on a secretive mission of his own. When Henry confesses to a crime he did not commit, Frank is forced to call his once-clear motives into question—and suddenly finds that nothing is what it seems.

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