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Damaged #3 is Undeniably Solid

Review by Lauren Pon


If there’s one thing that I can definitely give Full Clip Productions credit for, it’s this: consistent badassery. After two issues, a skeptic could have maybe dismissed the series as having gotten lucky – first with a strong opener, then going off of that in a second issue. But with three under their belt, there’s no denying that Damaged is solid, and probably will remain so for the rest of its duration.

Let’s recap: published by newcomers Full Clip Productions (Sam Worthington, Michael & John Schwarz) as an imprint under Radical Comics, Damaged has followed the story of two brothers, Henry and Frank. One’s a cop, one’s a vigilante, and both are out for justice. Oooooh. When we last left our uh, “heroes,” Frank had just revealed Jack Cassidy, the up-and-coming cop who’s to be his replacement, that the criminal that they’re chasing is his brother. Meanwhile, Henry has had his eye on Isaac Lordsman, another cop who took the law a step further than a court saw justifiable. Incidentally, Lordsman is now being sent to prison, but it seems like Henry has other plans…

And that’s where issue #3 starts off. Once again, David Lapham does an excellent job of taking us deeper the characters that Damaged has introduced us to; a good amount of the issue is devoted to Lordsman’s background, grim and gritty as can be expected and accented by Leonardo Manco‘s flawless artwork.

The exposition isn’t solely focused on Lordsman, though, and we also see Henry and Frank briefly reunited – with Henry in cuffs and Frank angrily doing a lot of the talking. Since a good portion of the action has been apart, I for one was happy to see more of this dynamic, as opposed to narratives over action scenes, or flashbacks.

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