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Damaged Cannot Be Missed

Review by “Big Tim” at GFBRobot

When I first picked up Damaged #1 on a whim, I had no idea that I was buying one of the highest quality comics I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Damaged #3 out of Radical Comics continues the in-your-face, street-level crime, bone-breaking action flick presented in the first two issues.

The crooks of San Francisco have been dropping dead at the hands of a violent vigilante, and police and criminals alike are scrambling for damage control.

As Captain Frank Lincoln grooms his replacement, Lt. Jack Cassidy, he reveals the identity and his connection to the hunted vigilante: Henry McMillan.

One of San Francisco’s police officers, Isaac Lordsman, goes on trial for standing by as two criminals burned to death in their car wreck.

And, in a surprising twist, McMillan turns himself in to the police for his vigilante action.

Are these events related in some way?

Produced by Sam Worthington, created by John and Michael Schwarz, and written by David Lapham, Damaged #3 (as I said about Damaged #1) has the most incredible, mind-blowing artwork by Leonardo Manco. Manco has the skills of Alex Ross with the grit of Bryan Hitch, a combination that creates a unique style that I just can’t stop looking at.

It breaks my heart that mainstream comics don’t look this good.

A great crime-noir comic with art that you cannot miss (trust me, I cannot rave about Manco’s art enough), Damaged is one of the best comics on the shelves right now.

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