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Damaged #3 “Works Well”

Review by Chris Beveridge

The perversion of the desire to bring justice is made clear within Isaac.

What They Say:

In the wake of a policeman’s implication in the murder of a Russian mafia boss, long-estranged brothers Frank and Henry Lincoln find themselves strangely reunited. In the midst of the investigation, Frank, a veteran of the SFPD, struggles to protect his vigilante brother and the city by the bay; meanwhile, Henry takes on a secretive mission of his own. When Henry confesses to a crime he did not commit, Frank is forced to call his once-clear motives into question-and suddenly finds that nothing is what it seems.

The Review:

Watching the hard choices the characters make here can be difficult at times as for most of them, the alternatives will leave them feeling empty or far worse as they’re unable to stop evil deeds from happening. Sadly, the extremes that they have to go to in order to do right in their mind perverts their accomplishments. The pursuit of justice at the expense of one’s and society’s morals leads to even darker and more disturbing situations, though the same can be said for those that live rigidly by [them]. It’s a tragedy to watch people who suffer and still try to do good only to end up suffering more because of the intensity of their passions, which cause further problems.

The third issue focuses largely on [...] Isaac Lordsman and it’s definitely a tragedy in the making from the circumstances of his life. Seeing how as a young boy he ended up brutally savaging his father, who was abusing his mother, set him sort of on the right path, but the brutality of it and his environment [...] served to make him harsher as time went on. He had an almost black and white view of the world, but still clung to what he viewed as right and just. Similar to what Henry ended up doing in his past with the killings he caused at the mansion, Isaac moves down a similar path here with the street crime he dealt with and his time further in the military. So it’s little surprise that the incident with the car crash involving the Russian mafia had him being as standoffish as he was to it. You can definitely feel for him here, but watching his descent into this kind of personality is almost a given from the start due to the guidance he hadn’t been given.

Which, of course, makes him an ideal protegé for Henry. Henry’s approach here is rather amusing, as he turns himself in to the police in order to get closer to Isaac so he can bust him out. It’s amusing watching the back and forth that he and Frank go through when they finally meet up again, which, in turn, comes off of Frank’s getting lucky that I really found myself appreciating seeing, because Frank just knows there’s a bigger plan here in Henry’s mind. It’s pretty obvious what it is, but it’s still fun watching him go through with it and cause as much of a problem as he does with it. They play up the strong old man role here with Henry, and while it may ring false at other times in other books, it really works well here based on what was established in the previous couple of issues.

In Summary:

Damaged moves towards exploring one of its main protegés that will be taking on the battle with a look at Isaac and we get a clear picture of exactly what drives and motivates him. With so much of the focus on him, it’s good that others aren’t cast out into the cold too much. Cassidy makes out the weakest but since the flip side is we get to see some good stuff with the waitress, I’ll certainly not complain all that much. Henry and Frank’s history is one of the charms of the book in watching how they eye each other and have that sort of respect about their accomplishments, but also a certain disdain for what they’ve done as well. They both view their own way as the right way but can’t deny what the other has done. This issue works pretty good overall and definitely leaves you wanting to see what kind of mentor Henry will be for Isaac.

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