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deadAWESOME Praises Damaged #4

Review by Lauren Pon


It’s that time again: another month, another issue of Damaged from Full Clip Productions. The holidays are around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some good ol’ fashioned vigilantism?

I’ve already given the series as high praise as I think can be given: great story, explosive action, great artwork. And that all is just is as true as ever. Issue #3 left me wanting more, and with the introduction of some surprising background story for Henry in issue #4, the readers really get some insight into what’s made Henry the man he is today. With the brothers still each on their own separate paths again, though, I find myself looking forward to the shit that’ll fly when they finally meet again more than I care about the two of them apart.


That said, while I did feel as though this issue is the calm before the storm, it’s certainly not boring. Issue #4 of Damaged is definitely alluding to bigger and more exciting things on the horizon, and with next month’s issue being the penultimate, it’s bound to ramp up quickly. I can’t wait.

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