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Damaged is “A Great Crime Comic”

Review by Dan “Zami” Lungaro

Damaged is just what I’ve been in the mood for, a great crime comic with some awesome action.

The book opens up with a mysterious stranger armed to the gills busting into a bar. It’s clear he’s a violent vigilante as he proceeds to kill men involved in a rape and those that tried to cover them with a false alibi. After this brutal scene we meet Lt. Jack Cassidy, who’s up for a promotion in the organized crime task force. The third character introduced is the current captain of the organized crime task force, Frank Lincoln. All three of these characters’ radically different views of justice are juxtaposed against each other. Cassidy representing strict adherence to the law and the stranger representing total punishment to the unjust (you also gain knowledge on who this stranger is…). The dialogue in this story is fantastic, extremely realistic, although maybe Cassidy has few too many umms in his talk with the chief of police and the mayor. You really get to know the characters in this short chapter, finding out Captain Lincoln is consumed by his job, where even the waitress he’s known for 20 years barely knows him. The layout of the comic and the change of scenes are seamless. Which leads me to the art.

The art in this book is photo-realistic and really compliments the story. Even through its pseudo-reality looks, it still has a bit of grit and grime to the look. You can especially notice the difference in tone when it switches from Cassidy to Lincoln. The art is just amazing and fits perfectly with the story. It’s truly exemplary how the emotions are expressed with perfection.

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. It has three interesting characters introduced, with each of them intertwining in enigmatic ways. I can’t wait to delve into the rest of this series.

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