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Damaged is a “Must-Read”

Review by Eric at The Pull Box

Damaged #4 (Radical Studios – Lapham / Manco / Loh / Choo / Saw)
After a violent incident in their shared past forces the lives of brothers Frank and Henry Lincoln to diverge, each carries on with his own brand of justice. Frank, who is very close to retirement, has spent his life becoming a distinguished member of the San Francisco police force. Meanwhile, Henry has devoted his life to being a vigilante whose own brand of justice is far more violent than the law allows. After 35 years, these brothers are brought together again by the murder of a Russian mafia boss in the city by the bay. Frank, caught between political turmoil and training his replacement as he leaves the force, comes face to face with Henry, who may have more than just answers about the murder.

The suspense thickens in Damaged #4. With Henry Lincoln and his newfound apprentice, Isaac Lordsman, on the loose and back to their old ways, Frank Lincoln is compelled to hasten his retirement to go after his own brother and finally stop his path of destruction. Meanwhile, policeman Jack Cassidy’s world is changing, and not for the better. Now in charge of Frank’s former task force, Jack is confronted with a series of troubling discoveries that corrupt everything he once believed in- and nothing can ever be the same.

I just got done reading issues #1-4 and I am very impressed. Usually this type of book is not at the top of my list – the vigilante / street war zone / Punisher-type, but David Lapham does an incredible job of mixing in all of the common ingredients of a story like this (political thriller / grey police work / street justice / life-long revenge) and created a perfect recipe for the genre in Damaged. Damaged not only revitalizes my interest in this plot genus but it also makes me want to be the first in line to get issue #5.

The art team does an equally impressive job on this series – the photo-realistic art style and the frames within frames story telling rasies this series from great to “must read.”
Series Grade: A

The Bottom Line: hardcore action / drama – this series gives Frank Castle a run for his money!

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