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Driver Nominated in 2011 Horror Comic Awards

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It’s that time of the year when we honor the best of 2011′s movies, TV shows, books, and music so of course that also means comics, and has kicked off its third annual Horror Comic Awards.


May the most brutal comic prevail!

Best Kill
Abraham kills Bruce before he becomes a zombie – Walking Dead #80
Miss Landers is eaten by zombies – 68 #2
An enraged Abby grabs, flies, bites, and drops Wayne – Let Me In #4
Bye Bye Fallow – Driver for the Dead #3
Spawn must rip the head off of a defiant vampire to obtain the leader’s name – Spawn
A pre-zombie apocalypse Selena kills her freshly infected husband - 28 Days Later #22
A crazed Director Losif disposes of a monster – BPRD Hell of Earth Russia #2
Perhaps a chainsaw in the butt? – Crossed: Psychopath #5

Click here to go to the full list of nominees at DreadCentral (please note that voting is now closed). To see 2011′s Horror Comic Award winners, click here.

To learn more about Driver for the Dead, click the image.

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