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Fandom Post Looks at Damaged #4

Review by Chris Beveridge

What They Say:

As the mayoral election approaches, tension escalates in the city by the bay. With Henry Lincoln and his newfound apprentice, Isaac Lordsman, on the loose and back to their old ways, Frank Lincoln is compelled to hasten his retirement to go after his own brother and finally stop his path of destruction. Meanwhile, policeman Jack Cassidy’s world is changing, and not for the better. Now in charge of Frank’s former task force, Jack is confronted with a series of troubling discoveries that corrupt everything he once believed in-and nothing can ever be the same.

The Review:

With three weeks since the bust out at the jail, things have certainly gone from bad to worse in San Francisco, depending on your point of view. Henry and Isaac are on their crime-stopping spree with a whole lot of vigilante justice that has them killing numerous criminals, mafia types and general high level scum along with a few other casualties along the way. Isaac has certainly come over to Henry’s way of thinking and is definitely the good student type, though he sees himself more as an equal or near-equal than a proper pupil. He’s intent on taking the whole thing even further, but he’s focused much more on San Francisco itself while Henry wants to get him out into the world a bit more to understand things and what it is he really wants him to try and change in the world. And, naturally, there’s tension over what’s gone on with Frank over the last few weeks.

Frank, for his part, has had to deal with keeping his job a bit longer since the mayor kept him in there after watching his poll numbers sink like a stone. While they wanted Cassidy at first, it’s far more expedient to get Frank to go after his own brother after that daring jailbreak and rescue of Isaac. The public may not approve of what the mayor has been doing, since there’s so many shootings now and people dropping dead, but at the same time they keep seeing more criminals being run to ground and it’s a difficult situation since you don’t want to reward it. And Jack’s in an even weirder place where he’s actually enjoying playing second fiddle to Frank at the moment as they try and hunt up Henry while coming up short just about every time. The pressure is there and his desire to be something more, but the whole situation is just strangely complicated.

The really difficult material, though, comes when Frank and Jack get down to business about what fully happened in the past that lead to Henry’s initial disappearance. The revelation to Jack that it was much more than just pedophiles, that it went as big as it did and that Frank has been holding onto that for decades, it hits him hard and puts him in just as difficult a situation. Frank’s intent on getting it all out there as it’s gnawed on him, but he needs that extra push, as well, to do it. While it’s eaten away at Frank all this time, he’s looking for some way to make amends and to lift the burden, and now that he’s at the end of his career and intending to just hunt his brother down on his own, he wants to do it in whatever way he can. Unfortunately for Jack.

In Summary:

Damaged spends a good bit of time in working with Isaac here to show that he is ideally suited to be Henry’s protege, but the type that you know Henry can control and direct for only so long. There’s some good actions that they go through here to clean up the city a bit and we get the enforcement side as well as they deal with the fallout from it, both politically and privately as we see the wife of the mafia boss making her deals in order to gain power once things settle down a bit. But it all comes down to the more personal level and while Jack was largely kept out of the previous issue, he has some solid time and material here that cements the difficult position he’s being put in by Frank, who himself has been in just that same kind of position for decades. There’s no way that everyone – or anyone – can come out clean from this the further it goes on and that just adds to the tragedy of it all.

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