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Damaged #5 Gets the Criminal Complex Seal of Approval

Excerpted from an article by Jimmy Callaway at Criminal Complex

This Wednesday on the new comics shelf down at the shop: The mean(er) streets of San Francisco; knowing everything about being a rat; the century’s most fatal femme; video games are more fun to read than play.

Damaged #5–I’m only two issues into this mini, but even though I’m not all caught up, I can give this book the Criminal Complex seal of approval. The story is not very complex, but I’m hard pressed to remember seeing it done this well before. Basically, you have two cops, one who does everything by the book and the other who is a loose cannon (to put it mildly). Both are well over the hill, and both have rookies to each one’s cause under their respective wings. The action is immediate, and the tension only builds. The characters aren’t, like I say, super in-depth, but neither are they cartoon-ish at all. A very satisfying read so far, you might wanna wait for the trade at this point in the game. But this is definitely David “Stray Bullets” Lapham’s best script since that run he did on Detective a few years ago, and Leonardo Manco never disappoints.

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