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Damaged “Just Gets Better and Better”

Review by Sue Lukenbaugh

Created by: Michael Schwarz & Jonathan Schwarz
Executive Producer: Sam Worthington
Written by: David Lapham
Pencils by: Leonardo Manco
Colors by: Kinsun Loh, Jerry Choo & Sansan Saw
Lettering by: Todd Klein
Cover art by: Alex Maleev & Leonardo Manco
Released: December 7, 2011

Just in case you missed it I’m reviewing all the issues of Damaged, gearing up for Damaged #5 out February 1st. Here are the reviews for #1, #2, #3.

Before we dive in, a little recap. The mafia in San Francisco is under attack, Henry Lincoln has been traveling the world dispensing his brand of justice, which finally led him home. While his brother Frank Lincoln hasn’t been able to escape the one mistake they share that could undo his entire career. He’s been put out to pasture, forced into an early retirement because the police force is under heat after Isaac Lordsman did nothing more than watch some very bad men burn. Still he’s teamed up with his replacement Jack Cassidy to stop Henry before he can burn the entire city to the ground but so far they’ve managed to be a step behind, and now Henry has Isaac his own prodigy for the cause, and no one is safe.

The months since Henry broke Isaac out of the pokey haven’t been easy on Frank and Jack. As the mayor’s rating declined with Henry and Isaac on their righteous rampage, Jack fell from grace, and Frank’s eminent retirement was pushed to the side.

But Frank isn’t doing so well under pressure, racked with guilt he makes a full confession to Jack about the high ranking pedophile ring that he and Henry set ablaze so many years before. He’s ready to sing like a bird, but it’s up to Jack to deliver his full confession, a confession that’ll not only expose all the parties involved, but rock Henry to his core, and make Jack question everything.

The revelations of this one are huge, with plenty of emotional fallout still to come. As the story continues to unfold it just gets better and better. And the anticipation for the next one makes my fingers itch. I cannot wait to dive into #5.

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