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Damaged Receives GFBRobot’s Highest Recommendation

Review by Big Tim at

If I had to sum up Damaged in one word? Wow!

Published by Radical Studios, Damaged #5 brings all the characters we’ve been introduced to throughout the series and sets up what promises to be nothing but an action-packed finale.

Created by Michael Schwarz and Jonathan Schwarz, Damaged #5 has some top-notch talent behind it: writer David Lapham and artist Leonardo Manco. The streets of San Francisco have never looked so gritty.

Crooked cops, straight cops, ruthless vigilantes, and street scumbags. Heart, soul and violently good intentions. All the ingredients needed for a great, street level, crime story.

I want to discuss all the details that make this issue great, but as usual I try my best to be spoiler free. But if you’ve read any of the previous issues of Damaged, this fifth issue takes what you know and have grown to expect, doused it in gasoline and set a flame thrower to it.

And let’s just say that the lives of Captain Frank Lincoln, Lt. Jack Cassidy, Henry McMillan and Isaac Lordsman will never be the same.

If you haven’t picked up any issues of Damaged so far, I highly recommend that you track them down. Not only are the characters well rounded and as real as fictitious characters can get, not only is this such a well written crime story worthy of any Hollywood blockbuster (hear that, Executive Producer Sam Worthington?), but this is one of the best looking comics on the stands today. I’m serious. Manco is one of the greatest artists working in the industry today. Don’t believe me? Check it out. I’ll be picking up whatever Manco is attached to in the future.

So do yourself a favor and get out and pick up Damaged #5. You don’t wanna miss the build up for the final issue.

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